The Do’s and Don’ts of Book Festivals

Tips For Book Festivals

Now here is a few tips for those of you who are planning on going to book festivals. These are just things that I learned by doing or not doing.

Wear comfortable shoes: People always think that they’ll be okay wearing sandals or flats and let me tell you it’s not true! Walking around all day in sandals or flats will rub wrong and leave blisters. Not to mention people WILL step on your feet. It seems that people always step on my feet more when I’m wearing sandals. No one is watching where they’re going and they are definitely not paying attention to your feet. Also a lot of these book festivals are 2-3 days long and your feet will be sore if you plan on doing both days. It’s just more practical to wear something you are comfortable in and that will support your feet for long line waits.

-Go with friends or family: It is always better to go with people. If you can try and get a group of people who will be okay with standing in line or holding things for you because you accumulate a lot of stuff! I think at the end of LAFOB I had about 4 or 5 bags of stuff. The first year I went to LA book festival there were so many authors at the same time that I wanted to see, but as we all know you can’t be in two places at once and that’s where my family thankfully came in. I was able to get my whole family to go and they stood in line or got things signed for me and my sister. During YALLWEST I met some people who would let me get in line with them or they would jump in line with me. It’s always awesome when you have friends who are willing to get books signed for you, or grab cool things, or let you jump in with them. Not to mention book people are just fun!

Don’t be a hoarder: A lot of book publishers will bring things to hand out or giveaway… DON’T GRAB THINGS THAT YOU REALLY DON’T WANT JUST BECAUSE THEY’RE FREE! Seriously it is always tempting to grab anything that’s free, who doesn’t love free stuff! Especially free book stuff but trust me if you don’t want it, it is going to sit on your shelf or in that box with all the other free stuff you grabbed, it will go to waste and it will take up valuable room for stuff you ACTUALLY want. Leave the free stuff for the people who will actually want it!

SUNBLOCK: Lots of these things are outside or have things do to outside. So do not forget it! Seriously take sunblock with you, put it on before you leave, while your standing in line, while your eating lunch, during a bathroom break. Seriously slather that shit on you! It’s better to constantly be putting it on than suffer a sunburn! I mean after YALLWEST I had to take a day to recuperate because I was burnt to a crisp. Sunblock is always a wise choice!

Snacks/Water Bottle: Bring snacks and/or a water bottle. You can always find a place to fill the water bottle and it’s a wise idea to stay as hydrated as possible. Snacks are needed if you plan on standing in line all day because sometimes you can’t stop for lunch and going hungry is a bad thing to do. That’s where the snacks come in. Nuts, beef jerky, bars, gold fish, sun flower seeds, mini carrots, apple slices, or of course whatever you want as snacks. I wouldn’t do things that melt!

Carry cash: It is always a good idea if you are going to be using your card to keep some cash in your wallet. 20-40 dollars always works. You just never know if an emergency will come up or the machines at the festival will be down. It’s just a good idea to keep some cash on you.

Suitcase: There are so many authors that come to these events and you always end up taking so many books not to mention the books/goods you end up buying at the event, that carrying them in a backpack or a tote bag is just impractical. Suitcases, if you have access to them, is always the best way to lug all your books around.

Well that’s pretty much it with the tips. I hope that these help you guys in some way! Let me know what you guys think or if you have any tips I left out!


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