Blog Friends Forever Blog Hop.. Plus some giveaways

bfftourGuys I am so excited to participate in the BFF Blog Tour hosted by the lovely people over at Fiction Fare and Swoony Boys! I have only been apart of this community for a short while but I have loved every second of it and I love the people that I have talked to. Not to mention book people are some of the nicest people I have met! They also have an amazingly generous giveaway… There will be 3 winners. They are giving away $75, $50, and $25 gift cards to the winner’s choice of book retailer. I am also holding a giveaway for a book of choice on amazon up to $10. Details on how to enter both will be below!

So for my stop my topic is Get Vloggy- Top ten favorite book vloggers! Which is really exciting because I have just started watching a bunch of booktube videos and I absolutely love them! It’s been so fun to get in to this new world of book bloggers! And I love that I will be able to share some of them with you today! So here is my list of vloggers I love.

  1. Casey Ann Books: This cute little British croissant, is amazing! She’s funny and she gives out amazing book recommends! She is one of the first book youtubers that I started with, and she’s kind of the one to get me obsessed with watching them. Not to mention she makes some amazing book trailers and book videos in general. Which are quick and fun to watch.

2. Regan from Peruseproject: She’s another one that I first started with, and she is just amazing. I love it because she and I have very similar taste in books and so when she recommends a book I just feel like it’s a very good fit for me, because of how much I agree with some of her thoughts on certain books/book genres.

3. Emma from Emmabooks: So as we know youtube is kinda a black hole. You go on planning to watch one video and a couple clicks later you’re six hundred videos in. That was pretty much how I found emmabooks. After clicking links for various videos I came across her site and I am so glad I did. She gives great spoiler free reviews, amazing advice, and is just very entertaining to watch!

4. Benjamin from Benjaminof tomes: I found Benjamin’s videos through Casey Ann and I am so glad I clicked on them and watched them. I fell in love with his videos and he’s really goofy and fun to watch, plus my TBR grows like 10 pages after watching his videos.

5. Claire from Claire Weller: I love Claire’s videos, she does such amazing wrap-ups. I don’t like getting spoiled in books (I mean who does) and Claire does such a great job talking about books, and selling them and not giving away to much.

6. Cartriona from Little Book Owl: Another Australian vlogger, who is just really fun to watch. She’s quick and to the point and has amazing videos. A lot of these vlogger’s are just so outgoing and know how to talk in front of a camera. Not to mention I love watching her book hauls!

7. Sanne from BooksandQuills: Sanne is awesome she doesn’t just talk about books, but she makes advice videos as well as the normal TBR, haul, etc. Her latest video is about ARCs and where to get them, which is awesome. I love learning more about the book world and how to establish relationships with publishers. She’s just got a great array of videos on her channel and they’re all very fun videos to watch.

8. Kat from Katytastic: She is hilarious to watch. She’s so spunky and full of energy and I love it because she gets so super excited and I get that way about books (don’t we all) as well. So it’s always fun to watch someone get just as excited as you do.

9. Sasha from abookutopia: I may be late to the party because Sasha has been blogging for awhile now, but to be fair I just got in to book videos! But Sasha is so cute! She’s not afraid to be goofy and her book taste is fantastic. I love watching her videos and also have you seen her bookshelf tour?? It’s so freaking amazing! I literally just drool over her shelves!

10. Christine from PolandbananaBOOKS: Oh my gosh I love her. She’s hilarious and is so intense and get so excited about books that it just makes me super happy! She does a lot of really great, funny videos as well as the normal TBR and book haul videos. She’s just a really fun vlogger to watch and she’s got some amazing taste.

So there is my list of book vloggers that I love! I did ten because I just thought it was a good number plus if I could I would really go on and on, because there are so many great vloggers out there.  These are also not in any order! I also just started getting in to book vloggers, so I will definitely be finding more and more vloggers to watch and if you have any suggestions or people you think I should check out let me know! Now on to the next thing…


YAY! So here is the way to enter both giveaways! This is seriously such an awesome giveaway during the BFF Blog Hop! There will be three winners! Yeah, you heard me THREE! Swoony boys and Fiction Fare are giving away $75, $50, and $25 gift cards! Do you know how many books you can get with that? SO MANY! Anyways you can enter that right here:


Now on to my giveaway (YEAH I’M GIVING AWAY SHIT). Here you can win a book of choice up to $10 from Amazon. You’re probably asking yourself “Jackie what are the rules, and how do I enter”.. Well let me tell you!

All you need to do is

  • Follow both hosts Swoony Boys and Fiction Fare in anyway you choose.

  • Follow me on my blog

  • Leave a comment below telling me you’ve done the stuff. Leave a way to contact you if you win.

  • Let me know what Vloggers you guys watch. If you don’t watch any, tell me what you’re currently reading.

  • U.S. only. Sorry international people!

And that is it! That is all you have to do to enter my giveaway. I will choose a winner at the end of this hop which ends on the 17th! Also go stop by the amazing other amazing bloggers who are on today’s stop and get more chances to win some cool prizes!


We So Nerdy

Nick’s Book Blog

Have fun and happy hopping! 


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