Top Ten Tuesday: Ten wishes we’d ask the book genie to grant us


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. Every week there’s a new topic and you pick your top ten on that list. This week’s topic is top ten wishes we’d ask the book genie to grant us. This is my ten wishes… Also this could potentially be very dangerous.

Wish #1: Access to any ARC by any author. I mean I just recently started collecting ARCs and I am so glad that I did. To have ARCs from authors I love is amazing. Not to mention finishing a collecting is extremely rewarding!

Wish #2: The ability to go on set of any book being made in to a movie. I mean how cool would it be to go on set and see the cast and how certain scenes are brought to life.

Am I being super selfish right now?? Oh well! My list!

Wish #3: Being able to read faster or read two books at once. I mean this would greatly help when I can’t decide what to read and it would get my TBR waayyyy down!

Wish #4: Instantly getting the book I want whenever I want it. Whether that’s automatically having it in my hands or just having enough money to always buy the book I want.

Wish #5: Being able to meet every single one of my authors! I’ve already checked off a good deal of authors from my list, but there are still sooooo many that I want to meet. Also if this could extend to my family, because that would be cool.

Wish #6: Books coming in amazing condition. I can’t tell you how many times I have opened a package to see that the books cover was bent, ripped, messed up in someway. I mean it’s not that hard to take care of books! This also isn’t just for me but extends to every book, everywhere.

Wish #7: Always finding the perfect book to kick me out of my reading slump. Reading slumps are the devil.

Wish #8: A library in my house. Preferably a secret one with an amazing reading chair and great light, that won’t hurt my eyes.

Wish #9: To read while I’m sleeping I mean come ON that is valuable time you are wasting when you could be reading!

Wish #10: Knowing exactly which book will be really good just by looking at them, but without spoiling. Just getting a feeling when you look at the cover.

So there is my list of wishes I would make to the book genie if I could. If only it were that easy! This was extremely fun list to make! I hope you guys join in!


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten wishes we’d ask the book genie to grant us

  1. Fabulous list! OH can the library have secret passages?! I have always wanted that!! And to be on the set of a bookish movie would be incredible- as would being IN the actual bookish movie. I kept holding out home on The Hunger Games, right until MJ2 was cast and I knew my dreams had shattered 😉


    • Thank you! Oh man secret passages would be amazing! I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. I would love to be in the movies that would be so cool! Aww I’m sorry. That’s how I feel about any Maggie Stiefvater movie. I would love to be in it but I don’t think that’ll actually happen!


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