Audiobooks are kind of amazing

There I said it!!!

Recently I did a reread of The Lunar Chronicles series because as you all know Winter came out. I unfortunately do not have a good majority of books with me so I had to check them out from the library. Luckily they had the audiobooks of Scarlet, and Cress available. And I thought well I’ve already read the first three so this will be a way for me to dive in to the series but not have to worry that I am missing something because this is just a brush up. And I actually have to say that I quite enjoy audiobooks. I recently moved to Idaho to be with my sister and help her with her son and because of that I haven’t had a lot of time to read and that’s where the amazingness of audiobooks comes in. I always thought I would have a hard time because I couldn’t focus, or I would miss important parts, or the story would be hard to follow. But I was surprised to find that I really enjoy and can focus on audiobooks.


  • “Reading” when I normally couldn’t: I was able to listen when I was doing dishes, watching my nephew (while he watched Mickey Mouse), driving to pick up my brother, with the lights off before going to bed, or playing cards with my family.
  • The narration: I honestly thought this would be a problem but the way the narrator delivered certain lines (especially Thornes) had me cracking up. She did an amazing job.
  • The pronunciation: It honestly helped so much listening to the narrator pronounce names because honestly who thought Jacin was pronounced Jason?
  •  Stories came to life: For me listening allowed me to really close my eyes and imagine the characters and the world and to really see it like I haven’t before because I was so focused on the world


  • The length: I can typically finish a book in a day, and yet listening to the audio took me about two days. So I definitely didn’t like that the audio took longer than if I just got the physical book.

There’s actually not a whole lot I didn’t like about audiobooks. For me the Pros outweigh the Cons! As if you couldn’t guess I will definitely be listening to more audiobooks. I think next I will try The Raven Boys series because The Raven King is coming out in February and I can’t wait!

My Thoughts:

Definitely give them a try if you never have before! If you have what are some of your favorite audiobooks? Let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Audiobooks are kind of amazing

  1. I listened to Cinder as an audiobook too and loved it! As for the length, I listen to all audiobooks at at least 1.5x speed. Normal speed’s too draggy for me. Sometimes I even bump it up to 2x. I wanted to try 2.5x in the Audible app but app seems buggy and stays put at 2x. The Audible team’s looking into it, so who knows? Maybe I’ll even grow accustomed to 3x speed. Lol.


    • I haven’t listened to Cinder! But I loved the narrator of them so I’m sure Cinder was amazing. I tried to do the faster speeds (I use my library app so it might be different) and I couldn’t keep up lol.


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