Truthwitch discussion #3


We are already on week 3 of the Truthwitch read-along! I can’t believe it’s almost over, there is only one more week of this read-along. Then there is the twitter chat on the 28th, which is going to be so fun. This week’s discussion is hosted over at Dreaming in Libraries and here are the questions for this week!

1. A huge part of the story takes place in the sea. Do you love the ocean? Would you like to travel with the crew on the Jana? Or do you think you’d get seasick?

I do like the ocean. I’m not a fan of the sand and how IT. GETS. EVERYWHERE. But yes I do like swimming in the ocean and I love the way my hair is after I go in the salt water. I think it would be kind of fun to travel with the crew and see how the windwitch’s work! I most definitely do not get seasick.. Although I’ve never been on an old time ship, so that would be interesting. 

2. From the boys we’ve met so far- Merik, Aeduan, Kullen, Leopold- Who would you choose to be your book boyfriend? OR: from the girls we’ve met so far- Safiya, Iseult, Evrane, Ryber – who would you choose to be your girlfriend?

So confession, I don’t really have book boyfriends, but for the sake of this question I would have to say… Aeduan. What can I say I like me some bad boys! Plus I have this feeling that he might redeem himself, but I could be wrong. I mean it wouldn’t be the first time. 

3. Did you imagine the sea foxes as described in the book? Do you think they’ll play a greater part later in the series? 

Honestly when I hear sea fox I thought like things that looked like half seal half fox. I did not think that they would look the way they did, but they sound awesome and scary and like they are not something I would want to meet nor listen to that screech. I have a feeling that these creatures will make repeat appearances. 

4. What is your first impression of Nubrevna?

My first impression was that it was a sad place. So many dead trees and the city so broken. It sounds like it was a beautiful place and then because of the war it was destroyed. Although I bet the cliffs have an amazing view of the sea! That would be cool to see. I picture cliffs like the ones in Pride & Prejudice that Keira stands on! That would be amazing.

Character Spotlight: MERIK 

I like Merik but there are some moments I want to shake him. But other than that he just seems like a good person and like someone you would want on your side. I love how much he cares for his crew and his people. He will literally do anything to help his people and I find that very admirable. Plus he and Safi totally liikkkkeee each other. So far I have really enjoyed getting to know most of these characters. 


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