The Shelfie Book Hop


Guys EEEEEEEEE I am so excited to participate in #theshelfiehop which is hosted by My Friends are Fiction and Bookiemoji because who doesn’t love showing off their books! Unfortunately I moved and all my books, well the majority of my books, are in boxes at my parents house and so I have none of my books on shelves. So these pictures will be ones that are old or ones that I have just recently taken! I was hoping to have my books but oh well we will make do!

So here is my collections! Which I am so excited to show!


929170_791597894193911_251177434_n  98c00038-d06e-4350-bf17-081747c92ae2

I love Maggie so much and the majority of my books are signed. I’ve also started collecting ARCs and it is so fun to see all your books together in one spot!


Jessica Spotswood is amazing and her debut series is amazing! Which is why I had to collect the arcs as well as the finished copies!


Sarah Dessen’s This Lullaby book is my favorite and I was actually able to meet her twice and get all my books by her signed!


I just got into Leigh after reading Six of Crows (yes I have two copies)! My sister and I also drove 5 hrs to Utah just to see her and get these signed!



Alexandra is another amazing author and a favorite! I also pre-ordered Passenger and I was able to get a Passenger ARC! I’m just waiting (im)patiently for it in the mail.



I love this collection! And it’s finally complete!!! I do have an ARC of Cress it’s just not pictured.


I have Josephini’s Starcrossed series but again not pictured but I love that I have both ARCs for her new series!




I love Gris Grimly! He is amazing and my collection keeps growing and growing! His work is just fantastic! My mom was wonderful enough to buy me a couple of these books and the shirt!

So this is by far not all of my collections, I do have Morgan Rhodes books but I wanted to show at least these ones cause they are awesome and they are just so pretty! I love all my books. I love going to signings as well which I have been going to more of! In February I am going to V.E. Schwab signing and I can’t be more excited! Of course I will be making a post when that happens!

Now I am not hosting a giveaway, but I know there are a lot of blogs that are! Here is the list of bloggers who are participating! Hop to one or all of them and see the amazing collections! I for one am going to look at all the amazing book collections and just sit over here in my jealousy haha just kidding!


4 thoughts on “The Shelfie Book Hop

    • Thank you! Honestly all of this was possible because of the amazing book traders on twitter! Everyone is so willing to help each other out to find the books they need, it’s awesome! Oh my! It is so hard being away from my books! I hate it being so far away from them!


  1. Great pictures. I cheated a bit too. XD I love that Sinner thing, she has absolutely stunning artwork. I hear you about being away from your books. 95% of mine are away in storage. It’s so hard when I want to read a book and then realize that it is packed away still.


    • Thank you! I know I have two! It’s a art book wrap for Sinner by Maggie! Ugh isn’t it the worst! Every time I want to go and read something I’m like “oh yeah it’s in my box, at home!” It’s terrible!


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